1. Advertising through digital signage:

Why is one product brand more famous and being patronized than another? It is because one is using more effective advertising technique than the other. Our technology advances continuously and it affects a lot of sectors and fields. In the field of business, the one who can keep up the changing technology wins the competition. A lot of people have made effective use of technology to advertise their product. One effective technique is the use of digital signage which uses electronic principles and components to advertise products and services of a certain business or establishment.

SpaceRace offers several channels of digital signage for its customers to show their video advertisements. Even animated contents and crawling texts may also be used for advertisement.

2. Content Management

SpaceRace offers the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in digital form. Digital content may take the form of video files, animations or texts which follows a content lifecycle and requires management.

Customers having their own hardware set-up for digital signage may take the advantage of using the centrally control software platform of SpaceRace to manage their digital signage networks.

3. Creative services

SpaceRace offers complete support for the clients to make their advertisements. It could be a video advertisement or Computer Graphics based advertisement.
Advertising through digital signage
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