SpaceRace Bangladesh Limited started its journey back in 2009 with the aim to establish a Digital Signage advertising platform in Bangladesh.

Through its journey SpaceRace experienced different aspects on Digital Signage and finally came to a position to announce themselves as a total service provider for Digital Signage business.

SpaceRace has got a dedicated team especially trained to handle the aspects of Digital Signage business that makes us feel confident to take any challenge related to this business.

SpaceRace provides digital signage which is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (i.e. LCD, LED or plasma displays) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores and corporate buildings.

These Digital Signage Displays are controlled centrally by Personal Computers by way of proprietary software programs.

Advertising using digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. This is often called "digital out of home" or abbreviated as DOOH.

The benefits of digital signage over static signs, in situations where changing signs are preferred over static signs, are that the content can be exchanged more easily, animations can be shown, and the signs can adapt to the context and audience.
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